The two days of the Conference will comprise Industry-led tracks, providing several opportunities for industry experts and leaders to discuss pertinent issues within each space. The extensive range of topics is sure to cater to the needs of the diverse, international audience. Another highlight of the tracks will be Fireside Chats, short capsule interviews with women, offering insights across domains like online business models, the future of cloud, VC funding and more.


With energy forming the foundation of all economic progress, highlights of this track will include discussions surrounding renewable and sustainable resources, the role of corporates and individuals in the energy game as well as a future outlook on energy.Stakeholders will include utility providers, energy experts, sustainability champions as well as corporate representatives.

Shared economy models have made great headway across the world, disrupting go-to-market notions of traditional enterprises and businesses. The track will explore success stories while touching upon issues of trust and government regulations in shared economy models.

The next chapter of IoT is the Internet of Smart Things, connecting everything from smart devices to smart buildings, smart transport, smart healthcare and more. The track will touch upon building smart cities, as well as the human element critical to its success. Other areas of focus will be public-private partnerships and Smart manufacturing models.

Technology continues to gain momentum as the driver of change and progress, for corporates and individuals alike. With the growing popularity of Cloud as the default choice for enterprises and governments, this track will explore the various facets of public and private cloud, mobile cloud and online business models, engaging both providers and users. The Highlight of the track will be the AI & Robotics vs Humans debate.

Investments are necessary for ideas to see the light of day. The track will open discussions on several fronts, from the need for incubation of new ideas to investments in women-owned enterprises, cross-border investments, the governments role in the investment landscape as well as what ROI investors & VC’s look for in a venture.

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