About Us

Our society tells women they don’t belong in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) fields. Toys made for girls reinforce rigid, highly gendered stereotypes that encourage only boys to build or engineer. At almost every step of the STEM education ladder, we see girls walk away. The few remaining women graduate to a workforce that is historically unfriendly to women.

Stereotypes, gender bias, and the climate of academic departments and workplaces continue to block women’s participation and progress. But the low number of women and girls pursuing STEM fields is not a status quo one can live with. It has significant implications for women’s financial security, economic growth, and global innovation. Research shows that when women are economically stable, they invest in health, education and well-being of their communities.

WiSTEM is one of the core Programs of the Meera Kaul Foundation. As a part of this program we grow awareness for STEM as a viable option for girls, women and their institutions across the world, for inspiring a global shift in the attitude towards Women in STEM.

The Foundations runs several sub-programs under its Women in STEM Program. The objective is reaching relevant messaging to a desired target audience for addressing key issues being faced by professional women worldwide, whether related to entrepreneurship, placements, re-starting careers or establishing start-ups.