Iana Aranda

President of Engineering for Change

Iana Aranda is the President of Engineering for Change, LLC (E4C) - a knowledge organization and global community of over 1 million individuals dedicated to design and delivery of essential technologies for underserved communities. In this role, she is focused on design and development of E4C’s business, operations and digital strategy, leading business development and establishing active partnerships with technical societies, NGOs and alliances involved in delivery of sustainable technology-based solutions.

Iana has over 14 years of experience in academic, research and nonprofit sectors focusing on the intersection of engineering design, business development and social responsibility. Her unique professional background has enabled her to be a knowledge broker and global connector with networks extending across science, technology, education, and global development sectors. Iana is an active agent for social change, with a proven record of creative problem solving, bridging diverse communities and employing lean business methods to advance social justice, engineering workforce readiness and evidence-based decision making.

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