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Harbir Bhatia

Harbir is a Technology & Digital Media Leader that truly Loves Community Development.

She is successful technology leader with over 20 years of industry experience in Business Development, Management, Program Management, Partnership Management, Government Relations, Management Consulting, Strategy Development, Marketing, Quality Assurance, and Systems Engineering for small to large enterprises in ISV, Media & Entertainment, and Online.

Harbir also has over 20 years of experience in community development, planning, programming for non-profits and leadership. A Civic Entrepreneur t heart! She promotes private and public sectors can use technology, high tech and low techto create strong communities and build opportunities through activities participation in community! She strives for ways to connect the best of public & private sectors and innovation together to create impact. Keeping in mind the cycle and the relationship between businesses, products, users and society for success!

Harbir love creating awareness, helping build bridges of relationships, and inspiring others through programming, activism, innovation, volunteerism, and sharing stories of women, thought leaders, under-dogs, and every day heroes. She launched ooNee Studios to bring the stories of innovation, transformation, triumph, and entrepreneurship through social media, interviews, and unique business process and programs to maximize impact. She had also been a TV-show Host. She promotes women and highly diverse orgs build greater impact in business and society.

Harbir’s passion for creating awareness, connecting people, data and innovation brings more reach and impact. She is on a constant quest to make things better and create value!

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